TSO School Outreach

Thank you for your interest in Torbay Symphony Orchestra's outreach work in schools. We are currently preparing our next programme, and it would help us a lot if you could fill in the form below. The information you provide will allow us to slot your school into one of our outreach days.

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Please choose a day and time that suits your school best. While we will endeavour to accommodate your preferences, this may not always be possible, as it involves co-ordination with other schools on the same day.

NB: The next round of workshops will be held in the weeks beginning 16th and 23rd March 2020

We offer 2 types of sessions/workshops

1) A 1 hour session that includes a short performance of some orchestral music, an introduction to the instruments of the orchestra and an opportunity for a (limited) number of children to have a go at conducting as well
2) A 2 hour session that includes all of the above PLUS an opportunity for the children to have some hands on experience of playimg the instruments.

NB: We will endeavour to do 2 hour sessions when that is your preferred choice, but due to logistics and availability of instruments, we may have to substitute a 1 hour session instead.

Please choose your PREFERRED days and times as well. We will do our best to fit in with these too, but we might have to negotiate these with you as we often visit up to 3 schools in one day.

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You may select multiple options

As part of the workshop package, we can also send our conductor / director Richard Gonski or one of our musicians to give a 1 hour talk in the classroom (or hall) on the Symphony Orchestra. This can really prepare the groundwork for the orchestra/ensemble workshop.

Dates and times for the talk need to be arranged via email or tel. with the lecturer, but ideally it should take place about a week (or less) before the visit of the full ensemble.

Session Information
You may select multiple options
TSO Outreach Sessions involve bringing a skeleton orchestra of up to 25 musicians. We need a hall that can hold both this size ensemble, (incl access for instruments) and the proposed number of children and staff in the audience. Do you have a school hall large enough for this purpose?
Please give us information about where to park. On site is essential for larger instruments.
Please let us know if there is anything else we should know about your school