David Gay - French Horn

David was born in Somerset and it was seventy five years ago that he played his first brass instrument at the age of  eight. Progressing through a village band he was selected to play in the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain which he did for three years prior to being called up for National Service.

David spent the next two years in Germany where he was introduced to the French Horn and played in the band of the 13th-18th Royal Hussars (Queen Marys Own). Although encouraged to sign on and go to the Army`s Music School at Kneller Hall David decided that an army career was not for him and he made banking his career.

He continued playing but did not return to brass banding playing instead in numerous orchestras and ensembles over the ensuing years and for fifteen years played 2nd/3rd Horn in the Somerset County Orchestra based in Taunton. On retirement from a very successful banking career he moved to Devon with his wife Sandy where they built their own house at Bigbury-on-Sea.  David played with the Plymouth Symphony Orchestra for a number of years before joining TSO in 2001. 

David is still blowing his horn and in addition is Secretary of the orchestra, a position he has held for over 15 years, and is also its treasurer, a role he undertook some 10 years ago.

David considers himself very lucky to have had a very successful career and at the same time having many happy years making music.