Adrian and Daphne Jackson
Audience Members

There have been several occasions when we have been had the opportunity to be present during the rehearsals of Torbay Symphony Orchestra. They have added a real insight into the musical and personal dynamics of the musicians with one another and their Musical Director, Richard Gonski.

We noticed the critical insight he has towards the piece the members were working with, encouraging refinements alongside techniques to enhance the Orchestra to feel into the score at hand. Their response to his guidance and also from observations from members of the Orchestra enhanced their renditions to the standard Richard Gonski desired. His lighthearted Fatherly approach added to the cohesion of the rehearsals.

It was a pleasure to witness such a diverse group of musicians with teenagers and pensioners being inspired by the core of talent seated amongst them, working as a unit to deliver an enthralling experience of music to delight. Their actual Concerts certainly do just that.