Outreach and Education are important parts of the TSO's work in the community. We are very aware of the need to educate, raise awareness and create opportunities for the younger generation to take up a musical instrument and make music a part of their lives.

To this end, whenever we have the funding available, we visit local schools with a skeleton orchestra of about 25 musicians, with at least one player on each of the orchestral instruments - flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, trumpet, trombone, timpani and strings (violins, viola, cello and bass)

Rose Sage, the TSO's outreach co-ordinator gives a very good description of an outreach day in 'A Recent Outreach Day with the TSO'. (see link below)

Typically, we visit three schools in a day - two in the morning and one after lunch. They need to be reasonably near to each other geographically so that we have time to get from one to the other. Each session lasts about an hour and we often have 200 - 300 young children in the hall for a session.

We provide resource materials to the staff for distribution to parents which explains the importance of a musical education and its benefits as well as information about hiring instruments, finding a teacher and joining a local after-hours music club.

The truth is, we rarely know how many lives we change on a day like this - but we are sure there are some!

Dartington FamilyDay A Recent Outreach Day with the TSO

Recently, the TSO visited 3 schools as part of our educational outreach. We have requests from schools on a fairly regular basis and were able to coordinate our day to fit in 3 schools in Torbay: Cockington Primary, Barton Hill Primary and Hayes Primary schools. In total we played to approximately 750 children in Key Stage 2.

Outreach Session format
Our schools' workshops offer the following:
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