I have had over 47 years of professional experience in music both as a performer and a teacher. I trained at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and then worked as a full-time professional horn player firstly with the Las Palmas Symphony (and Opera) Orchestra and later with the Cape Town Opera and Ballet Companies (CAPAB) orchestra. I also joined with the Cape Town Symphony Orchestra in larger works that required more than the usual four horns.

I have worked with many freelance ensembles and performed as a soloist. I have also played drums professionally with various bands and show orchestras over the years and I really enjoy small improvisational jazz ensembles which I currently have as a trio based around my village. I have many years experience as an MD for musical theatre productions and operettas plus instrumental and choral ensembles.

My first teaching role was with the West Sussex Music Centre in the early 1970’s as a student which was followed by teaching brass and running a brass band at Bishops Diocesan College in Cape Town after joining the CAPAB orchestra. I also taught the horn at Cape Town and Stellenbosch Universities. More recently I have taught instrumental music in brass, drumkit, ukulele, keyboard and world instruments wider opportunities, Special Needs music therapy, and Key Stage 2 curriculum music in many schools and privately on the isle of Wight.

In 2015 I moved to West Dartmoor and now teach First Access classes on lots of different instruments including brass, ukulele, djembe, samba and gamelan for PYMS plus assisting with the Plymouth Youth Concert Band. I have many private pupils both in schools and at other venues around Plymouth and West Devon. I play with many local orchestras and show bands plus small ensembles in Exeter, Torbay, Plymouth, Yeovil, North Devon and Cornwall which keep me well occupied. I have been playing horn with TSO for around six years and really enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie within the orchestra as well as the diverse repertoire that is a joy to play.

Why Scarpia as my business name? Well, this goes as back to my days in Las Palmas in 1978 where the first opera I played for was Tosca and I immediately fell in love with Puccini and especially Tosca.  Cavaradossi was too long a name for a web site but Scarpia was available so I took that regardless of the evil nature of the original character, I am definitely not like him!  Oh by the way, Cavaradossi was played in that first Tosca by a young Spanish chap named Placido Domingo who was fantastic and also came to the orchestra pit door to shake everyone's hand saying what a great job we had all done.  He was a wonderful person back then and hasn't changed a bit even with his international fame.

As of July 2023 I will be retired from the bulk of my teaching work retaining a very small group that attend lessons at my home so I will be able to concentrate on new projects and family with all the time in the world!